Thursday, 3 June 2010

Another day, another Owl

This is what too many craft boards gets you. A craving to make something that you never would have considered before. An unbearable desire to craft a theme that would not have crossed my tiny brain without the constant highlighting of their charms by the numerous swappers, crafters and bloggers that I visit for inspiration and just plain masochism as I writhe with the knowledge that I shall not be able to live up to their crafty standards.

For you delection my small collection of Owly flavoured stuffs:
First- some golf ball sized Christmas ornaments for my mother that could fit into someones hand luggage to lug all the way back home to SA. The bodies are spheres of double yarn crochet and the rest is felt. Quick and cute.
Second- these were inspired by the Toy Society Drop idea (link to right) to leave toys scattered about to be found by a child and bring them a moment of joy. I'm still working up the courage to go through with this but am besotted with the idea. What if the child hates it, what if the toy gets tortured (I never really got over my brother punching my dolls to make me wanna kill him!), what if it is just abandoned? One day I'll grow up, i know. One day I'll stop falling in love with toys and weird plastic trinkets and be an adult who realises they aren't real. One day.
For now, the pics

You know, because owls hang from branches, they don't sit on them. Don't be ridiculous.
Lets all hope that owls are out my system now. The world simply does not need more crafted owls.

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