Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Typographic Subway Art of our Homes

I'm not normally one for 2 dimensional purely print art, but with the sheer explosion of these kinds of prints, I couldn't hold myself back any longer. It surprised me at how easy it is to do actually.
And since we have a bit of a prejudice against paid for proprietary software in our house it was done entirely through GIMP. I would suggest using many many layers (one for each bit of text) so you can move them, and change sizes etc independently to help with the design.

Also- I'm not sure if this helped, but I started from the bottom. I have read before that if you are trying to replicate something by drawing (like a portrait etc) you should turn the image upside down when you copy it so you can ignore/turn off the "this is a face" part of your brain. Which apparently helps you to focus more on producing a faithful copy than interpreting what you are doing and so getting in your own way. I think it helped to start from the bottom because it is something I would never do and it meant I wasn't in a comfort zone, so I was more creative. Who knows?

Incidentally: these are all place names that DH and I have lived in. Arcadia is the area we lived in when we first shared a flat. I toyed with colouring the words- something like yellow for me alone, blue for hubby and green for both of us- but it just looked a bit contrived. And whilst the print is semi-balanced in monochrome, with three colours it becomes a bit more than my little graphic design skills can deal with :)
Also dear dear husband told me that Irene, in the top right hand corner, looked evil in whatever colour I chose. I didn't want to agree, but the seed was planted....
This is doubly weird since Irene is a quiet little village which is so sweet that you definitely can imagine a horror movie waiting to be set there.
Edit: Here are two of the coloured versions (Made the right choice, eh?)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sleepy Lamb Mobile

Here it is, after months of silence. My little lamby mobile:

It turned out cuter than I expected although tying the lambs to the rig is a pain. I have yet to find the right kind of string/thread to hang them by and so they inevitably break or tangle or end up higher/lower than I wanted. Please please leave a comment and give me suggestions for this as I LOVE making mobiles but this is driving me insane.

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