Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Every Boy is a Super Hero

Whipped this up (love using this phrase- makes it seem so effortless and amazing instead of the heartache sweat and tears that actually accompany a creative endeavor!) for my Godson. He seems to be really into super heroes and space this week. And since his last birthday kinda snuck up on us and we shamefully gave him money in a card this year I am totally justified in making another present, albeit months late.

Whilst this doesn't justify a full tutorial they are so simple that with a few pointers you can be on your way!
First I started with some very cheap and simple cotton as the base, cut the shape on the fold to get it symmetrical and hemmed all around ( I actually toyed with the idea of lining it and then remembered it was for a rough and tumble boy.) Next I added the ties which were simply long strips folded like bias binding then top stitched.

I fused interfacing to the letters since I didn't feel like using a close satin stitch would be appropriate (read: it takes too long and I'm lazy). This way the logo bits won't fray and the stitching is for placement only.
Here is a closer look at that stiching from behind:

Notice how my machine had a small hiccup with the bobbin thread that resulted in some super odd zigzag. I'm sure he won't care (well, I'm hoping he won't).

I then made him a mask which was just a single layer of cotton, trimmed in red bias binging with a bit of elastic sewn to the sides. I had to use some red embroidery thread around the eyes to stop the fraying becoming too ridiculous and I suspect that I should have used felt for the entire mask instead. This would mean absolutely no seams to worry about. But it wouldn't have matched perfectly. Sigh. maybe next time I'll come up with a genius plan.
Anyway, for all my self doubt, his mum told me that he loves it and wore it to the cinema today so I count this as a success!

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