Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Reworked for Oxfam III

Can't believe its taken me so long to bounce back from the Christmas crafty madness! I felt so drained of creative energy. To get back in the swing of things here's a peek at some of the projects from the Reworked for Oxfam shop I volunteer at:

This was just a black heavy skirt that needed some creativity.
First- a crusty shot with flash: 
And a close up of one of the teapots:

Then one of my absolute favourites! A messenger bag made from men's neck ties.
 The cutest button in the world to close it:
 I even lined the magnificent thing :), so super proud of myself.
 Another shot for fun and adoration:

The rest are not things I made for Oxfam but they aren't important enough to get their own post. I made about a million (it felt like) zippered pouches for presents and for my shop. Each of these beauties is lined and has pleats and a lobster claw closure.

Shew! Time to work on a tutorial for the next installment! See you then :)

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