Thursday, 5 May 2011

Manic Mobiles

What I should never do is stand in the shower and think about how happy and blessed I am. This is apparently like honey to bad luck flies. Seriously, a close family member dies, husband changes jobs (not for good reasons) and then husband slips a disc in his back and is bed ridden for three weeks.

But the interesting thing is this- it turns out I craft to relive stress. So there has been oodles of crafting- it's just that blogging is not stress relieving in the same way,so the proof of all the crafting starts now!

I had to make a mobile for my then soon-to-be-born Godson. I made many different its before settling on one idea but the others are still around and I'll sell them in my shop on Folksy. One of the ideas not to make the cut was this steam punk type airship:

I am particularly fond of the little patches on the balloon part. Oh! and the propeller. I didn't think the fins would turn out to look so convincing.
Next I tried a little floating house- which was too uncomfortably like the "Up" house (which I haven't seen but it seems my my sub-conscious has!)

But, finally, this is the pattern I liked the most although this one was a bit too big.
Eventually I got what I was looking for. What so much felt had to die for!

It was a wrench to give it away but since I made so many I'm fairly confident I could redo it in my sleep now!
Hope these brightened your day (they brightened some dark hours for me making them).
Stuffed dinosaur tutorial soon- just sketching out the pattern to be able to be downloaded. Sleep tight!


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