Monday, 15 August 2011

Zippy Bags and a Swallow

 I made these little coin purses using this tutorial. I heart them! I can't help myself unzipping them all the time.
Here's a little show: (cue music)

Ta da! Cute, no?
And just because I can, and want you to see the awesome ribbon you can get on online (look at those tiny matroska dolls and the little blue whale!)
Also, because I have craft tourettes, I made a little swallow embroidery. This was heavily inspired by the amazing art show put on by the No Blood Spilt Art Collective. The show was all for charity and was mostly tattoo and alternative arts inspired.

It's not the neatest, and I definitely need to brush up on my fill stitches but at least its obvious what he is!
I have a craft fair booked for three weeks and am so nervous. What if nobody buys anything? What if someone is really mean about my creations in front of me?
Do you have any tips for this kind of thing? Also- what sells? I imagine a stall is different from my online shop. Please help me to choose the best things to sell in the commets below! Much appreciated!


  1. I'm sorry I can't help with the craft stall as I've never done one, but your zippy pouches are fantastic! You could sell them! I have heard other bloggers say that small, low cost items sell really well, pocket money items for the kids for example.

  2. What a great blog you have; full of creative crafts. I've never seen anything like these zippy pouches. They are fabulous! I'm now following from:


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