Saturday, 24 December 2011

Horace the Crochet Giraffe

It's been a hectic couple of months, between a new job and a new home I now have a new craft space that is slightly larger- woohoo! Up until this point most of my crafting using my sewing machine has been done in slightly less than a meter square, perched on the edge of my futon, crouched in front of my sewing machine table which has one leg considerably shorter than the other two. I have moved to an actual desk and a real cupboard for my supplies instead- oh the luxury! I give you this nugget of my life to help you know that it can be done- not all of us get fully equipped craft rooms with shiny cutting tables and ribbon organisers and peg boards. but you can still create and give freedom to your ideas.

So! one of the ideas that was recently born is Horace:

 Horace was supposed to be a crochet giraffe. But Horace grew to be his own thing- I'm not sure he is a giraffe, but that's OK, I like him.

 Some things just insist on being the way they are, no matter how far away from my original vision they are!


  1. How cute is your little giraffe (yes he is a giraffe)and I love your fluffy monkeys they are brilliant.

  2. Is there a tutorial for this little guy on your blog somewhere? I would love to make him!

    1. Hi Sarah

      No I haven't made a tutorial for him, sorry! I kinda winged it (which you can tell by the way none of his feet are the same size!) and didn't write down my pattern. Also, and this is a big admition, I have kinda mixed up both UK and US crochet (I blame learning from the interwebs) and if I did write down a pattern I would feel embarrased if people pointed out my mistakes :P
      One day I hope to be brave enough to post a crochet pattern. Possibly for the fluffy monkeys- they seem simpler!

  3. I would love to make this for my daughter, is there any way I can get the pattern?


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