Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sleepy Lamb Mobile

Here it is, after months of silence. My little lamby mobile:

It turned out cuter than I expected although tying the lambs to the rig is a pain. I have yet to find the right kind of string/thread to hang them by and so they inevitably break or tangle or end up higher/lower than I wanted. Please please leave a comment and give me suggestions for this as I LOVE making mobiles but this is driving me insane.


  1. Tabatha sent via email:
    Hey sweetheart, I love your Dinosaur Tutorial and pattern, Thanks for having them be free!!

    I have made mobile's before and I use fishing line to hang the "sheep" I usuallt thread the fishing line all the way through the "sheep" down through the belly and thread it through a button, then back up to the top of the back of the "sheep" and knot it there. The button helps the sheep not rip. and it's pretty clear so it looks pretty also.
    Good luck sweetie! and Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the lovely kind words Tabatha! I'll definitely try the tip- seems very sensible (something I should try a bit more, I think!)

  2. Hi there- we are interested in purchasing this mobile for our sister- her baby is due in January 2014- I'm not sure how to go about this as we are from South Africa - let me know if this would be a possibility? Lesley gillett- South Africa

    1. Hi Lesley
      I would have loved to help you but this mobile has been sold.
      If you like you can email me at [gekkogirl at gmail dot com] and we could talk about a commision for another one.
      Thanks for the compliment either way :)

    2. Thank you for your reply and it is adorable.i will drop you a mail tomorrow and give you all my details- it will be a wonderful addition to my sisters nursery !!!! Thanks Lesley

  3. Hello!

    These are so cute, I'd love to know how to make them. Will you be publishing a tutorial?

    Thanks, Meg :)

  4. Your little lambs are adorable! I would also LOVE to know how to make them and are wondering if you will publish a tutorial, or share how you made them with me. Can I email you?

    Thank you, Marcey


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