Sunday, 13 January 2013

Polaroid Quilt

I have a godson in South Africa who I don't get to see very often and so when we went back recently I wanted to make him something that would be nice for his mom now (he was just over 1 year at the time) and also for him as he grows up.
I have very strong memories of being sent to my bedroom to have an afternoon nap and spending (what seemed like hours) staring at the characters on my duvet covers or in the pictures in my books as I got older. For this reason I wanted to do a Polaroid quilt that would allow me to use many of the very cute fabrics with awesome designs but without the very clashing nature that I feel eye-spy quilts often have.

I found most of the cottons online on eBay and it was a relatively inexpensive way to collect the stash that I needed without having metres of fabric I cannot imagine using again.  I went with a much simpler method of applique, so that i didn't have to test my math and seam allowance skills to create the blocks. I am super lazy that way. I used possibly more batting than I should have too, since the unquilted spaces are rather poofy now!
As a side note- I also have no idea how big it is since I simply winged it. me and measuring don't really get on, as you may have picked up by now :)
Some completed shots held up by my dh in our not very sunny garden in the UK:

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